AFRIMEX FOOD PROCESSING plc was founded on two principles: friendship and a passion for great food. After moving to Ethiopia from California, Abye Araya Selassie envisioned introducing authentic gluten free tortillas, tortilla chips and salsas with wholesome toppings from fresh ingredients first to the bustling city of Addis Ababa, and later to the wider East African region. A native of Addis Ababa himself, Abye reached out to his sister Duni Araya Selassie and his best friend from childhood, Berhane Assefa, about this dream, and shortly after, in 2015, AFRIMEX was born.

A long way from the company’s humble beginning a little over five years ago, AFRIMEX tortilla chips can now be found in shelves of major retailers, and are served as appetizers in major restaurants throughout Addis.

Our basic method of tortilla and tortilla chip production has remained consistent through the years, and when it comes to curating the best tortilla chip, we at AFRIMEX aim to strike the perfect balance between taste, texture, and shape. Our rigorous quality control at every stage of production ensures our products are not only fresh, but also tasty when they reach our customers.

Moreover, AFRIMEX maintains a long list of satisfied customers. We were honored to be selected to cater for the “Cinco de Mayo” event at the Embassy of Mexico in Addis Ababa, yet another example of the authenticity of our products. Currently, AFRIMEX Tortilla chips come in individually sized 250g bags.

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